Cleanin’ Up

A few of my favorite things for the New Year! 

There is something grand about leaving behind what no longer serves you, drinking a big cuppa coffee and embracing some new ideas about life! New Year’s provides a nice opportunity not only to take stock but also take out the trash—Literally. P.S. Garage reno pix coming soon, because I practice what I preach. 😉  Planner & Hatch notebook with Pilot Metro fountain pen, ‘cause it makes you write prettier.

Turks and Caicos Leave town with colds and chapped lips, come home with sand in your ears and sun ☀️ kissed.

Mealime App Easy, delicious, family-friendly 30 minute meals. I chose the low carb option. Best part is the app automatically pops ingredients into your Instacart! #tada

”Tidying Up” on Netflix with Mari Kondo 📺 I laughed, cried and shouted helpful suggestions from the comfort of my couch. #winning